Getting Involved
Cast Auditions
Thank you for your interest in the Melodramatics Theatre Company! We are very excited about our Spring 2014 production of 35MM: A Musical Exhibition and are very excited to meet you.
The Process and What to Prepare
***You must read our Auditions & Cast FAQ before auditioning!***
You should prepare 16 bars, to be sung with accompaniment, preferably in the style of music featured in the show.

Please make sure your sheet music is in order, legible and clearly marked.

We request that you please print and complete our AUDITION FORM and bring it with you to the audition. We will have extra forms on hand, should you require one.

You will be called into your audition in the order in which your audition form is received.

Your audition should take no more than 10 minutes, at the very most.

For your convenience:

Cornell University Campus Map

Ithaca College Campus Map

St. Luke Church Map

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at
Orchestra Auditions
If you are interested in playing an instrument in our orchestra, please send an e-mail to to set up an audition time.
Staff Positions
***You must read our Staff FAQ before applying!***
Please e-mail if you are interested in holding a staff position.
Once you have arranged for an interview, we request that you please print and complete our STAFF APPLICATION FORM and bring it with you to your interview. We will have extras on hand, should you require one. Also, please bring your resume and any relevant portfolio materials.
If a position in which you are interested is currently filled, please consider applying for an assistant position!
General Manager
Works with all members of staff to assure that the production process runs smoothly and efficiently. Serves as the final arbitrator regarding hiring and firing. Maintains final decision in all purchases and expenses. Responsible for ensuring that nothing is overlooked throughout production process. Serves as contact for all company accounts and official transactions, including Cornell University and government agencies. Maintains contact with Board of Trustees and may be called to attend periodic board meetings. Must have general knowledge of nearly all aspects of production. Works closely with Artistic Director in pre-production in regards to show selection and logistical planning. Must attend at least several rehearsals.
Artistic Director
Dictates and implements company's artistic vision. Serves as the final arbitrator in season planning and the show selection process. In collaboration with the General Manager and staff, invents and develops new artistic and community outreach programs that further the mission of the Company and create a superior learning and development experience for its staff. Works with the General Manager to oversee and maintain the highest quality of all artistic output of the Company, including but not limited to full productions and workshops of new works. Assists emerging playwrights and composers in the development of new work for the Company. Assists in hiring and oversees production directors, attends final design meetings, approves designs together with the General Manager and directors and provides input on rehearsals. Must attend several rehearsals.
Discusses production with Dramaturg during pre-production in order to ensure company understanding. Responsible for communicating design vision to Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Costume Designer, Makeup Designer, and Property Master. Works with Stage Manager to create weekly schedules. Works with Musical Director and Choreographer to create a strong and consistent production. Works with the actors in developing their performances. Responsible for production being prepared and on schedule as of the first technical rehearsal. Must attend all rehearsals up until the first performance of the production.
Assistant Director
Works primarily with Director but interacts with everyone in the company as well. Duties may vary but include assisting Director in all Director-related responsibilities.
Music Director
Works with Director and Orchestra Director to coordinate musical aspects of the production. Must be in contact with Orchestra Director consistently throughout production process. Responsibilities include making sure cast learns the music, working with cast to hone their musical talents, and ensuring musical progress is on schedule. Works with Stage Manager to create weekly rehearsal schedules. Must attend all rehearsals. Responsible for coordinating rehearsals with cast and pit.
Responsible for the creation and teaching of all choreography as prescribed by Director. Collaborates consistently with Director through production process. Works with Stage Manager to create weekly rehearsal schedule. Must attend all dance rehearsals, along with all final tech and dress rehearsals.
Orchestra Director
Works consistently with Music Director to facilitate progress and cooperation between cast and orchestra. Directly responsible for rehearsing the band and preparing them for the performances. Responsible for conducting band during all technical and dress rehearsals as well as performances. Reports all necessary instruments and equipment to General Manager and technical staff well in advance of performance dates. Works with Sound Designer to balance musician audio levels. Must attend all technical and dress rehearsals in addition to all performances. Responsible for contracting and managing all instrumentalists.
Technical Director
Works with Scenic Designer and all technical crew. Organizes and facilitates the construction and implementation of scenery based on the specifications provided by the Scenic Designer, maintaining consistent contact with Scenic Designer throughout the construction process. Responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of all necessary construction materials as well as the recruiting and managing of the construction crew. Organizes and facilitates contruction and strike of the set, ensuring that every aspect of the theatre is left in the same condition in which it was found. Must attend all technical and dress rehearsals and must be on call during performances in case of emergency.
Director of Marketing
Works with Graphic Designer and is responsible for securing, coordinating and distributing all promotional materials on both Cornell University and Ithaca College campuses, as well as downtown Ithaca. Also responsible for contacting local media about the production. Contacts local businesses, with assistance of Business Manager, to acquire donations and grants. Works with Community Outreach Coordinator and Artistic Director to arrange educational events and Director of Alumni Affairs to coordinate alumni events.
Director of Photography
Works with Directors and Designers to document the production process through the are of photography. Must be present for at least several rehearsals, all final tech and dress rehearsals as well as all performances.
Director of Alumni Affairs
Works with the General Manager, Business Manager, Director of Marketing, Events Coordinator and Graphic Designer to advertise and coordinate alumni events. Keeps in regular contact with alumni about news, networking opportunities and company affairs.
Stage Manager
Works with Director, actors and crew. Responsible for taking down blocking during rehearsals, communicating all relevant rehearsal information to technical design staff through daily rehearsal reports via e-mail. Creates weekly schedules with Director, Music Director, and Choreographer, and serves as contact for actors in regards to scheduling. Maintains a calendar of all company dates and conflicting engagements. Manages all board operators and running crew during performances, and is responsible for smooth run of performances. Pre-sets stage and props prior to each performance and verifies that all props, equipment, etc. are put safely in their proper place at the conclusion of each performance. Calls cues during performances. Must be present at all rehearsals and performances.
Assistant Stage Manager
Works with the Stage Manager and aids in all of the Stage Manager’s responsibilities. Responsible for all backstage activity during a performance. Must be present at most, if not all, rehearsals, all final, technical and dress rehearsals and all performances.
Business Manager
Works with the General Manager, Directors and Designers to create and maintain a firm budget for the season. Works with Director of Marketing to obtain donations and grants from local businesses and funds. Must have a strong understanding of Cornell University's SAFC. Responsible for all filings, documenting and issuing reimbursements to company members, the sale of tickets at the door and recording and evaluating financial data of ticket sales and other financial transactions. Assures that all money owed to the company is collected and deposited. Must be present for all performances.
House Manager
Responsible for ensuring the house and lobby are clean and aesthetically pleasing prior to each performance (involves vacuuming), contracting and managing any necessary ushers, greeting and assisting audience members with any special needs, aiding in taking tickets and dispersing programs, when necessary, closing the house and communicating with the Stage Manager. Also responsible for the maintenance of low audio levels outside of theatre during performances. Must be present for all performances.
Works mostly with Director doing research on various aspects of the show ranging from vocabulary to world history to production history to author biographies, etc. All research is complete prior to the start of rehearsals. Must be available during production process to promptly answer any relevant questions. May also be called upon to provide original material for the playbill.
Community Outreach Coordinator
Works with the Producer, Director, Music Director, Accompanist, actors and members of the community to coordinate visits to nursing homes, schools, etc. with a pre-arranged repetoire of music and talent. Assists in generating interest in musical theatre and our company throughout the Ithaca community. Responsible for all arrangements and communications with hosting institutions.
Events Coordinator
Works with the General Manager and all other relevant parties to organize and implement company events (i.e. social gatherings, group-bonding activities, etc.).
Recruitment Officer
Works with Director of Marketing and Graphic Designer to create and distribute materials to schools, promoting Company activity and theatre-related opportunities in the Ithaca area. Speaks directly with heads of theatre departments nationwide to promote Ithacan theatre and the MTC, Inc.'s program. Must have excellent knowledge of life in Ithaca and all it has to offer (colleges, graduate programs, employment opportunities, community, culture, diversity, etc.).

Scenic Designer
Works with Director in defining a scenic vision for the production and all of the details involved in making this vision a reality. Must be able to represent one’s ideas through color sketches or drawings and/or models. Must have knowledge of theatrical construction and be able to communicate design to Technical Director. Also oversees the construction of the set and ensures that the design is faithfully produced.
Costume Designer
Works with Director to create a unified ensemble of costumes for the production. This includes anything worn by an actor. Responsible for the measurement of actors, the acquisition and/or construction of all costumes, the transportation of all costumes to the theatre and the organization of the costumes backstage. In the absence of a Wardrobe Master, the Costume Designer is responsible for ensuring that all pieces are returned after each performance and stored in an organized fashion. Also responsible for any repairs or alterations during performance run. Must attend several rehearsals and all final tech and dress rehearsals as well as performances.
Lighting Designer
Works mainly with Director, Scene Designer and Stage Manager. Responsible for hanging and focusing lights, depicting a clear lighting plot and design, designating cues in the script. Must attend several rehearsals as well as all final, technical and dress rehearsals.
Sound Designer
Works with Director and Stage Manager to compile necessary and appropriate sound cues for the production. Responsible for designating cues in script. Also works with Orchestra Director to ensure ideal audio balance of musicians, cast and sound cues.
Makeup Designer
Works with Director and Costume Designers to create and implement makeup plots for the actors. Must be able to represent vision through sketches, drawings and/or research. Ideally, has some knowledge of hair and can assist actors and Costume Designer with design and styling. Responsible for securing all makeup. Must attend at least several rehearsals and all final, tech and dress rehearsals to assist actors in applying the makeup design and ensure they are capable of doing so for all performances.
Graphic Designer
Works with all Directors and Web Master to create the necessary visuals for promotional endeavors, including quarter cards, posters, tickets, and programs. Must have proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite.

Master Carpenter
Works directly with the Scenic Designer and Technical Director to build the scenery and aid in any set construction and maintenance. Must attend all building dates designated by the Technical Director.
Property Master
Works with Director, Stage Manager, and Costume Designer to compile a comprehensive prop list. Responsible for acquiring all necessary props.
Works with Producer, Director and Graphics Designer to maintain the company's website, keeping it up to date, efficient and fully functional.
Wardrobe Supervisor
Head of the Costume Crew. Sees that costumes are repaired, properly maintained and organized between performances, ensuring nothing is lost or misplaced. At the conclusion of the production run, also ensures that costumes are separated from stock, rentals, etc. Must attend all final tech and dress rehearsals as well as all performances.
Scenic Artist
Works with Scene Designer and Technical Director to paint scenery. Must attend all necessary construction dates as set down by the Technical Director.
Makeup Artist
Works with Makeup Designer and cast to apply makeup to the actors. Experience with hair is helpful and also appreciated. Must be present at all final tech and dress rehearsals as well as all performances.
Light Board Operator
Works with the Stage Manager and Run Crew. Must be present at all final tech and dress rehearsals as well as all performances.
Sound Board Operator
Works with the Stage Manager and Run Crew. Must be present at all final tech and dress rehearsals as well as all performances.
Ticket Agent
Works with Director of Marketing and Business Manager. Responsible for managing online ticket sales and selling tickets at door before performances. Serves as contact for any questions related to ticket sales. Also contacts necessary on campus personnel to arrange group sales.

Construction Crew
Works with the Technical Director, Master Carpenter and Scenic Designer to build all scenery, paint the scenery and stage and to clean, hang and focus lights. Must be present for all construction dates as set down by the Technical Director.
Costume Crew
Works with Wardrobe Supervisor and Costume Designer to make and/or acquire any and all costumes. Aids Wardrobe Supervisor in all responsibilities. May be called upon to aid actors in quick changes during performances. Must be present for all final tech and dress rehearsals as well as all performances.
Run Crew
Works with the Stage Manager to coordinate and implement the movement of all scenery and props on the stage during performances. Responsible for aiding the Stage Manager in ensuring the performance space is properly set, dressed and fully functional before and after each performance. Must be present for all final technical and dress rehearsals in addition to all performances.